Gennady Burbulis sure that the “cure” Russia will begin after the presidential elections

Photo: AiF

Russia has 14 million people. And when it comes to the political regime of the Kremlin, it is necessary to understand that this is a group with powers including the most dangerous – the authority on violence. This was stated by the former state Secretary of Russia Gennady Burbulis at a joint briefing of the 4th Baltic-black sea forum, “joint security of the Baltic-black sea region as a consensus strategy for greater Europe”.

Answering the question of the ex-foreign Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko, from when the wisdom to live in the world will descend on Russia, Burbulis said that currently the country is experiencing not the best time.

“Russia’s ideological, moral and mental division, there are aggressors, there are militant the temporary worker is wise normal people for whom peace and goodness are the base values.

Let’s be refers to the situation in the following way: it is post-Imperial syndrome, is a disease, but it is not eternal and is. We must learn to diagnose,” said Burbulis.

According to him, you have to help Vladimir Putin to get out of this impasse. As each day becomes more and more clear – on military confrontation has no future at the Kremlin regime and there is no future for President.