Photo: Twitter/Bohemio Futbolero Homeless dog became the assistant coach of Paraguayan club

Old dog became the mascot of the team after coach fed animal cakes.

In the Paraguayan city of Pedro Juan Caballero the local football team got an unusual as an assistant coach. They became old stray dog. It is reported Cronica.

Head coach Carlos Jara Sager admitted that once fed the dog cakes and since that time, he will not depart from it. The animal became the “right hand” Sagara and is located on the field during official matches.

Ella es Tesapara ?, la perrita ayudante de Carlos Jara Saguier, DT del 2 de Mayo de Paraguay ??. “Un día le invité un pedazo de empanada y desde ese día, no se despega de mí”. Está presente en todos los partidos, entrenamientos y hasta en las entrevistas post partido. Hermoso.

— Ataque Futbolero (@AtaqueFutbolero) September 6, 2018

Also the dog takes part in post-match conferences and actively practicing with the team. The dog named Techpara 10 years and he brings the team luck.

The club recently came out of the third division of the Paraguayan League, with a series to four victories to a number of is among the leaders of the second division.

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