Photo: the Brits had sex in the street

Residents complained that girl so much screaming that frightened the people around the area.

In the resort town of Split in Croatia by tourists from Britain have sex on the street, raising a terrible noise. It is reported by The Sun.

Local residents noticed a couple because of the loud moans of the girl. One of the witnesses filmed the incident on camera. The footage shows that the lovers have sex leaning against the wall of the house, and later descended onto the pavement.

One of the locals said that he was forced to lie to her child to explain why a woman is screaming so loud. He said that the girl bad.

According to witnesses, lovers so loudly went about their business that put on the ears of the entire area.

Earlier in the Russian city of Nakhodka environments white tourists have sex on beach in front of tourists. Also the correspondent wrote that in Guadalajara allowed to have sex in public places

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