The Russian military did not want to listen to the demands of the rebels, noted in the Syrian opposition

Syrian rebels. Photo: AFP

After Syrian government troops and Russia went on the offensive in the South-West of the country, rebels from the Syrian opposition were invited to leave the territory, however, the negotiations with the Russian military failed.

About it reports DW.

According to an employee of created Free Syrian army operations centre Ibrahim Jabali, on Saturday, June 30, the Russian side proposed to the rebels to leave with their families in the North-West of the country, or to remain under the control of government forces.

But the troops of the Syrian opposition has rejected Moscow’s proposal and stated that the Russian side “was ready to listen” to their demands. The rebels have called Russia’s proposal “humiliating”.

As reported, a week earlier the forces of the Russian Federation caused 26 air strikes on southern Syria. They occurred in the southern district of Dar, 21 of the 26 attacks were made directly to the city of Busra al-Harir. Information about victims is not yet available. In the SOHR (the human rights organization “Syrian Observatory for human rights”) said that Russia did not resort to air strikes in Syria since like summer of 2017 zones were established de-escalation in the South of Syria.