Element heavily damaged some areas, and Chernihiv turned to Venice

Weather in Ukraine. Photo: Facebook

Deterioration of weather conditions in different regions of the country led to the de-energization of the 136 settlements, and five of the fields were flooded and damaged social infrastructure, informs the State service for emergency situations.

“As of 7.00 a.m. on 1 July as a result of complications of weather conditions (storm, wind) as a result of wear protection systems power lines de-energized 136 settlements in 4 areas, namely Dnepropetrovsk – 74 settlement, Kyiv – 29 n. p., Zaporizhia – 3 settlement and Luhansk – 30 n To restore electricity brought brigade power companies”, – stated in the message of rescuers.

In addition, in Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernihiv and Luhansk regions weather caused damage to civilian infrastructure, fallen trees, water study in private farms and houses.

Lviv oblast – 60 garden plots were flooded, 25 homes, nine basements of homes and four of the infield.

Dnipropetrovsk oblast – damaged roofs of nine houses, children’s camps and buildings of the school, the tumbled down about 150 trees.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast – 190 flooded private houses, 1324 infield, damaged 8 car bridges and 1 pedestrian, 5 destroyed local roads.

Chernihiv – was partly flooded streets 40 and about 100 garden plots. After pumping the water remains podtopleny single infield. On the street of Textile workers, 23 there was a flooding of the basement and partial damage (cracks) in the walls of houses (1956 buildings, two-storey, brick walls, sleeps 57 people). No casualties were reported. The Commission found that the building is in poor condition and made the decision to resettle residents. In some places, the water level in the streets reached the roof of the car.