The winner of a cooking show is planning to spend the day with family

Hasmik Gasparyan Photo: press-service

Hasmik Gasparyan, a well – known chef and a connoisseur of spices. She loves to mix different colours, textures and tastes of spices to give the dishes unique. The love of cooking in her blood, as all Caucasian women. Hasmik calls himself Ukrainian Armenian.

In honor of March 8, she told “Today” about his perfect scenario of the festival:

“Since I work a lot, I want to spend more time with his family. I want to Wake up in the morning to a bouquet of tulips from my husband with the words “surprise!”. Together with the family to go and choose a gift to mom, a plate for presentation or in a frying pan for meat. To pay maximum attention to the son, to go with him to the circus or a cartoon, to ride bikes, to have some fun. And in the evening a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant”, – said Hasmik Gasparyan.