According to preliminary information, found 26 pairs of fragments of human limbs

Photo: Pixabay

In Russia, in Chabarovice in the Amur river, found a terrible discovery – 26 pairs of human hands.

It is reported by telegram channel Mash.

First in the Ministry of internal Affairs received a message about the discovery of one of the brush. The divers got to check and got the bag, where we found the rest.

As noted, the photo was found near the remains present Shoe covers. About where were found the remains of the data and whether the medical institution of any relation to this at the moment installed. Militiamen carry out an inspection.

According to another version, it is the Chinese, who live in Khabarovsk, punished for his theft.


We will remind, earlier at the bus stop in the Chinese province of Guizhou, the police detained a man in the Luggage which was amputated human hand.

Also earlier in Copenhagen found in pieces the body of the missing journalist. The body of the journalist found after a few days of searching, it was dismembered, without heads and limbs. In early October, the Copenhagen police reported that he found other parts of the body – the legs and head of a journalist and that traces of fracture on the skull there. The police still could not say what exactly led to her death.

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