Photo: Daily Mail

A little girl with down syndrome, has become a model for fashion brands. It’s out on the streets.

Kara brown from the British city Chesham was born with down syndrome, but that did not stop four-year girl to become a model and appear in advertising, writes the Daily Mail.

Parents learned about the diagnosis of his daughter, did not give up and from birth, was engaged with the girl. In the end, Kara is now posing for advertising children’s clothes of various brands

“Kara helps individuals to form a broader picture of the world and destroys the negative stereotypes about down syndrome – and it’s fantastic. She’s great, I’m so proud of her,” admitted the girl’s mother.

She added that Kara became a local celebrity. It’s out on the street and greet.

The girl loves filming and having fun looking at the pictures.

Recall that for the first time in Ukraine a guy with down syndrome had higher education.

Earlier we wrote that the model with down syndrome won a beauty contest in Britain.

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