The woman along with 20-year-old girls participated in the competition, performing in a bikini.

In the US, 56-year-old woman became the finalist of the competition for the selection of models in bikinis. Reported by the New York Post.

Katie Jacobs spoke with 20-year-old girls on the catwalk. The woman took part in the contest for Sports Illustrated magazine. Gloss specializiruetsya on pictures of women in swimwear.

Decision, Jacobs entered the top six models. American recorded a video in which he cried. She noted that this figure was meant for her very much.

The model noted that many believe people over 55 retired, and she wants to show the world that it is not. Jacobs plans to continue his fight for the extension of the age range in the modeling business.

Earlier it was reported that the seller made a fortune after photos in a bikini. Also the Correspondent wrote that a “young” 63-year-old actress revealed the secret of youth.

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