Photo: Case printed on 3D-printer

The American didn’t like phones and she decided to create her convenient phone. It took her three years.

Engineer astronomical instrumentation Brookhaven national laboratory in new York Justin Haupt gathered a unique mobile telephone number of the subscriber to which it is necessary to dial using the dial. Such stationary devices used only a couple of decades ago, Wired reports.

Justin Haupt admitted that he doesn’t like modern smartphones and she doesn’t like to type on them the text messages, so it is almost to the last I prefer to use push-button “clamshell” LG.

In the end, the specialist decided to create my own mobile phone which will be comfortable for her.

Gadget Haupt was developed approximately three years. Case your your woman printed on a 3D printer. The case for dialing it found the disk mechanism of an old Trimline phone.

The device is also equipped with a small screen. There is a speed dial button.

“My invention must show that it is possible to have a quite convenient phone that are so far from the touchscreen, as I can imagine, and which in some respects may be more functional,” said Justin Haupt.

The photos create phone American made in his blog:

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