Our Futsal managed to win after 0:2. The next friendly game will be held today, 5 December.

Ukraine national Futsal held a draw in the first friendly match against Portugal.

Wards of Alexander Kosenko managed to win after 0:2 in the final minutes of the match.

Beginning of meeting was not too successful for the Ukrainian team. Already on 5-th minute goal scored in the team of Jorge Braz scored Fernando Cardinal, and in the second half the own goal scored by Nicholas Gritsyna.

The most interesting and enjoyable for the Ukrainians in this match was the last five minutes. On 36-th minute Dmitry Sorokin was score one goal, and 60 seconds after that, Alexander Kosenko took a minute break and it gave its fruits. The Ukrainians went on the attack from the fifth field and 38 minutes Nikolai Mikityuk got himself on the scoresheet in the national team Jersey.

Thus, the first confrontation between Ukraine and Portugal ended in a draw – 2:2.

The next friendly game will be held today, December 5, and will begin at 21.00 on Kiev time.

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