Free Wi-Fi will appear in the spring.

Free Wi-Fi will appear on the ten stations of the Moscow metro in 2019, said the Agency “Minsk-news” in the company “Business network”.

Will be equipped with access points at six stations: “Petrovshchina”, “Lenin Square”, “Uruchcha”, “Pervomayskiy”, “Nemiga”, “Avtozavodskaya”.

— Plug in the first place, in the spring of 2019, as these stations are located next to landmark sports venues: “Avtozavodskaya” — “Chizhovka-Arena”, “Lenin Square” and “day” — at the stadium “Dinamo”, Minsk — Palace of sports, “Uruchcha” — at Peoria sports complex. Station “Petrovshchina” has access to the Student village during the Games will host athletes from other countries — say in the company.

Four more access points equipped by the end of next year at the stations “Academy of Sciences” and “Yakub Kolas square”, “Moscow” and “Kamennaya Gorka”.

Recall, free Wi-Fi appeared in July, Kupala in October .

— In the subway through free Wi-Fi to the Internet connected on average 6-6,5 thousand monthly users. A surge in the number of sessions, celebrated from 29 th to 31-th number. This is probably due to the fact that by the end of the month, the volume of the individual mobile Internet traffic users usually already exhausted — say in the “Business network”.

To connect to the Internet in the subway, you need to choose Free Wi-Fi, Minsk and register via SMS code.