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This feature provides maximum concealment.

Scientists have discovered 16 species of fish whose skin absorbs 99.95% of light. These fish live at great depths, and their unusual ability helps them to disguise themselves, according to

Dr. Karen Osborn tried to take a photo of one of these fish, but all that came out to capture the silhouette of the creature. She and her colleagues tried to find out why this is happening.

Scientists have studied the skin of 18 species of fish from the Gulf of Mexico and Monterey Bay in California and found that almost all creatures reflect less than 0.6% of the world, and 16 species reflect even less than 0.5%. The researchers note that the reflection coefficient from these fishes even as the black butterflies (0,06% -0.5%) and birds of Paradise (0,05%-0,31%).

One of the species of the pigment was not only outside but also inside. Black leather was also found around the stomach of a fish that can hide the light of the recent bioluminescent food.