Experts conducted a study after receiving new evidence.

Scientists conducted a study, having at its disposal new facts aimed at the study of the origin of the world. They were able to establish the age of the Universe, which corresponds to the previous data, writes

International research group at the University of stony brook have been working in the Atacama desert in Northern Chile. Using radio telescopes, the experts recreated the image of “first light” obtained the most accurate. We are talking about residual glow that appeared only 380 thousand years after the Big Bang. This event, during which he interacted electrons and coupling of the protons, and became the birth of the macrocosm. Thanks to new evidence collected by the efforts of the group nilima Segal, was able to see the most accurate images of the Universe in infancy. Cleared them from the spatial and temporal changes, which in turn allowed to establish the exact age of comic space.

The scientists, the universe was born 13.8 billion years ago. This corresponds to the numbers that previously reported. In 2009 a satellite of the European space Agency (ESA) was able to collect the necessary data, which was calculated this time. The precision of the new certificate has already been tested and confirmed by the scientific research Central Institute and Princeton University.