Devine party and head of the covert operations of the CIA


Former CIA Deputy Director for operations Jack devine in an interview with published on may 1, suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin will remain in his post as much as you want.

“Putin started out with the grass-roots level in the Russian government, but gradually moved to managerial positions and eventually approached [the then Russian President Boris] Yeltsin. When Putin was put in power of his patrons, he seemed to be a man you can trust. But in any case he did not have any of the power that it has. Throughout many years he showed himself as quite a skilled person from the point of view of creating an autocratic system,” said devine.

According to him, every year the Russian President is becoming stronger.

“Putin will remain in power until he will have the health and desire. He pretty well has strengthened its position,” – said the former Deputy head of the CIA.

He expressed the opinion that the pandemic coronavirus can be a serious problem for Putin as for the autocratic regime.

“If oil prices fall to extremely low levels, the Russians will certainly be dissatisfied with the Putin regime. When the world economy collapses due to a pandemic, you just have to understand that you may be strong, but you still become vulnerable. Nonetheless, Putin – the center of power in Russia, and I don’t see that he can be challenged, at least at the moment,” said devine.

Speaking about the amendments to the Russian Constitution, which are designed to strengthen presidential power, the former official of the CIA expressed the view that this is a formal document that establishes the reality of the current system, “especially the idea that you can’t give in previously occupied territory”.

“It’s just a reality. But there is no guarantee that in the event of changes in Russia, Putin’s successors will go the same way. In the meantime, he simply captures reality and makes it clear that he will not give any territories,” added devine.

Jack devine party and head of covert operations: the coup in Chile, “operation Cyclone”, which led to the military defeat of the Soviet Union in the Afghan war of the 1980-ies, “Iran – contra”, the hunt for the drug dealer Pablo Escobar. He led the Centre for combating drugs and the Latin America division of the CIA, headed in various years Bureau of the CIA in Europe.

March 10, 2020, the state Duma has supported the amendment of the Deputy of cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova abolish presidential terms of Putin. Thus, he may again run for President in 2024.

On 16 March the constitutional court declared the law on amendment to the Constitution corresponding to the Constitution of the country. Among other things, the law contains a provision on so-called zeroing presidential terms of Putin. According to the conclusion of the court, the President of the Russian Federation will again participate in the elections regardless of the number of terms during which he held the position of head of state at the time of entry into force of the amendments to the Constitution.

March 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about carrying out on April 22 the all-Russian voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia. However, on 25 March he said that the vote will be postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus infection.