17 November 2018, the Church remembers saints and martyrs, and Nikandr of Ermey. In people, this holiday is also called “Eremin day.”

The priest-Martyr Nikandr and Ermey were disciples of the Apostle Titus, a follower of St. Paul. They welled on the path of Christianity to many pagans. Under terrible tortures, they were inclined to renounce their faith. Nikandr and Ermey constantly prayed and was able to adequately endure all the trials. But the torturers didn’t stop. The heads and the hearts of the Saints pierced with nails and still alive, but itersonii, thrown into a pit and covered top soil.


According to popular belief Eremin day is considered “dark”. Believed that November 17 walking through the streets of evil spirits, so get out there unnecessarily is not advised. Thus was born the expression: “Erema — stay home”.

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So evil is not broke into the house, over doors and Windows painted with chalk crosses, and on the windowsill lay bunches of Rowan.

Particularly closely watched the weather. If around the sun I noticed white circles, it should wait for a snow storm. Quiet Yarema promised an early harvest of wheat.

If this day was a lot of snow, winter crops grow well. Snow lies in spring expect a lot of snowdrops.

What not to do

On this day not to celebrate your wedding and to start a new business, otherwise it will not do good and will not do any good.

Eremu advised not to give firewood, coal, and money, otherwise the house will go happiness. Considered if to give this day to borrow anything, that the whole year will have to spend in poverty.

Not in the house to let the guests and even random travelers, because DATACOPY may be unclean in the guise of a man.

As he wrote OBOZREVATEL, November 17, 2018 celebrates international student day, which is celebrated since 1946 in memory of Czech students-patriots.