Bulls: do Not scare the decay

Photo: Dmitry Bykov / Facebook

Russia may become a real Federation, if the country is to develop self-government. Such opinion on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” was expressed by the Russian poet Dmitry Bykov.

“If Russia is to develop a no self-government, while in Russia the talk of federalization will not be treated as calls for disintegration, and are just a normal sign of strengthening of local authorities, it will be in this format, and it is absolutely not obliged to be an Empire. Russia could be such a huge polariscopy Europe or America. Yes, the United States Russia is real,” he said.

In the words of the poet in Russia “does not need to stifle its decentralization and do not need everywhere to see the call to decay.”

“Do not be afraid decay. If all the time to centralize, it is the surest way to build a prison of Nations. Not necessary all the time to oppress. You need to develop absolutely free some people’s talents,” – said the Bulls.