Photo: Ukrainian energy to work harder than they want in the energy

Despite the limitations, the nuclear plant exceeded the plan by 11%, but CHP, cogeneration plants and block-stations – a lot more.

Energoatom Centrenergo in may exceeded the projected generation figures, according to the energy Ministry on Friday, June 5.

As reported, Energoatom, exceeded the plan by 550 million kWh, and Centrenergo 320 million kWh.

At the same time, according to the Ministry of energy, private thermal power company produced 383 million kW-h less than planned.

According to the Ministry, NPP generated electricity by 11.2% more than forecast; hydro – according to the forecast balance sheet; CHP and cogeneration plant up to 39% more than expected; the block-stations – 27.7% more than forecast; wind and solar power 10.4% less than expected; TPP – 2% less than forecast.

On the eve of the Energoatom reported that the Ukrainian nuclear power plant are working only two-thirds capacity. At full capacity are only six of 15 units, 3 withdrawn to the reserve, work is 3 – restricted.

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