The discovery was made at the Medical center of Erasmus University in Rotterdam and University of Utrecht.

Dutch scientists from the Medical Center of Erasmus University in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and University of Utrecht found the antibody to COVID-19. This was reported by journalist Andrew Tsaplienko with reference to the German edition of “Erasmusplein” writes

“World premiere from the Medical Center of Erasmus University in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and University of Utrecht: they found the antibody to COVID-19. Scientific publication of the group of ten scientists is preparing to assess the leading scientific journal “Nature”, the article says the publication, which was published the evening of March 14.

Found antibody able to block infection SARS1 and SARS2, it is the first ever antibody against coronavirus.

The antibody has yet to be tested on humans (and this could take months), and the article will be appraised by the experts, before “Nature” will publish it, but scientists hope that it will happen soon.

Frank Grosveld, one of the scientists who discovered the antibody, noted: “Together with the Department of virus research and Department of Virology, faculty of veterinary medicine Utrecht University we joined the European project: ZAPI (Zoonosex Anticipation and Preparedness Initiative – ed.). Its aim was to identify antibodies against MERS, SARS, and other Hong Kong coronavirus (OC-43). Working in this project, we found antibodies that cross-reacted with the three different viruses and did not allow them to get infected. These viruses have been studied, however, we are dealing with another coronavirus. Upon the outbreak of the current crisis – SARS2, we immediately checked whether they respond antibodies, which reacted to SARS1, SARS2 on. So we found an antibody, which is now reported”.

In the future, the researchers plan to recruit a pharmaceutical company. Before these medicines start in the market, the antibody must pass examinations and tests for Toxicological properties. Now this process continues.

“In addition to developing medicines, we also want to use the antibody for production of rapid test that anyone can do at home, so that people could easily know whether they have infection or not,” said Grosveld.