In November 2019, Russia returned the boat

Photo: EPA

Ukrainian and foreign experts, who represent Ukraine in the international courts, has completed all examinations of small armored artillery boat “Berdyansk”, damaged in the shelling during the seizure of the Black sea. This was reported by the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Admiral Igor Voronchenko, informed the press center of the Navy in Facebook April 10.

“In the short term MBAC “Berdyansk” will be put on repair”, – said Voronchenko.

The restoration of the boat “Nikopol” is in the final stage, the first stage of repair of Harbor tugs “Yana Kapu” is completed, said the press center. Tug preparing to transition to the point of permanent basing.

Малі броньовані артилерійські катери «Нікополь», «Бердянськ», та рейдовий буксир «Яни Капу» найближчим часом повернуться…

Опубліковано ВМС ЗС України Пʼятниця, 10 квітня 2020 р.

25 November 2018, the Russian Federation fired at and seized in the Black sea boats “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol” and the tug “Yana Kapu”, which was returning to Odessa after trying to pass through the Kerch Strait in the Azov sea. Russian security forces detained the 24 Ukrainian seafarers, they were later arrested in the Crimean “courts,” and moved to Moscow. All Ukrainians were charged with illegal crossing of the Russian border.

In April 2019 Ukraine appealed to the international Tribunal for the law of the sea, demanding as temporary measures to oblige Russia to immediately release the sailors and ships. The Russian side refused to participate in the hearings.

On 25 may, the Tribunal in Hamburg has ordered Russia to immediately release the three detained Ukrainian ship, 24 of the detained sailors and allow them to return to Ukraine. The deadline for the decision expired on 25 June.

7 September between Ukraine and the Russian Federation took place the exchange of detainees in the format of “35 by 35”. Among returnees – captured by Russia after the incident in the Kerch Strait on 24 Ukrainian seamen. The case against them in Russia is not closed.

In November, Russia agreed to return the ships. November 20, they came to Ochakov. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that Russia returned to the ships without any conditions.

The chief of staff Ruslan Homchak said that the ships were looted.

According to preliminary estimates, the amount of losses caused by Russia three ships of naval forces of VSU, is not less than 55,5 million UAH, said the Deputy permanent representative of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna Ihor Lossowski. According to him, the examination proved that “Berdyansk” was punched armor-piercing projectile fired from a Russian attack helicopter Ka-52.