After mid-April many doctors throughout Ukraine announced the amount of the advance received in the course of heavy fighting with the incidence of coronavirus. The figures “staggering”. Despite assurances from the authorities that health workers will get decent pay 300% markups, they paid even less than in the previous months.

On complaints reacted to the Ukrainian government, and some hospitals still received funds to repay debts on salaries and payment of bonuses. But there are still those who have not received or even earned for the month and payments they can only dream of.

This situation in one of the hospitals Vinnytsia region – directly declare that there is no money, and in some cases even threatened with dismissal. Read more in the material OBOZREVATEL.

No money

On condition of anonymity, we talked to the nurse of one of hospitals of Vinnytsia region, where there is a special compartment for the reception of patients COVID-19. In particular, the doctors there complained about the low salary, we confirmed the interviewee.

“Yes, the nurses paid from 1400 to 1800 UAH of advance, the nurses gave to 2000 UAH, and doctors got more – up to 2500 UAH. It’s a little less than last month,” she said.

According to her, the hospital in March began to take patients with suspected coronavirus, which has converted one of the offices. So that its workers fall under the category of physicians, entitled to receive 300% of premiums promised by the government.

Doctors complain about low salaries and lack of bonuses

But no payments for March still no one came. Moreover, doctors immediately said, no patients – no co-payments. As explained by our interviewee, in the past month among patients with suspected COVID-19, indeed, there were no confirmed cases, except one.

“On March 31 in the us did the patient with a confirmed diagnosis, we were in intensive care he has received at 22:30. In the accounting Department and said that during those six hours we’ll give you a prize. And that those who were in direct contact with the patient,” – said the nurse.

For the month of operation, with increased risk to life and health, taking likely patients with coronavirus, doctors are not eligible for awards. Only for one patient they can hope for a fee, but for a very interesting calculation.

The award will be given to only those doctors who had contact with confirmed cases of coronavirus

“Everyone thought that let it be 200%, but to the rate. But no, they will calculate hourly, that is the salary of the doctor will be divided into hours worked, deduct pay for the hours, which is about 70-74 UAH, and them multiply by two. So for those six hours the doctor will get not 105 UAH and 210 UAH. It’s a penny, “–emphasizes the employee of the hospital, adding that nurses do not promise you any extra.

Starting this month, lying in the hospital 5 patients with confirmed diagnosis, results of another are expected, and, again, no bonuses out of the question. The chief doctor says that money available at the hospital, the only hope for the National health service of Ukraine, which has to transfer funds before the end of the month, but the situation remains unresolved.

“You can write the application on dismissal”

As in many other health facilities in Vinnytsia region, doctors are faced with the problem of the lack of any means of protection. Not knowing how to work with patients with the deadly virus, with this question they turned to the chief doctor, and received the answer: “If you are not satisfied with something, you can write the application on dismissal”. And this at a time when the country needed qualified specialists in the fight against the incidence of coronavirus.

“Fortunately, we were helped by volunteers, procured us the necessary means of protection, Chancery, down to the toilet paper and blankets, they have brought us all. The hospital did not support us. If not for the volunteers, we would have a situation as in Kalinovka, where a lot of sick health workers,” says the nurse.

Now the hospital is trying to provide workers with the necessary protection, but without the volunteers, this would be enough for a week, says the interviewee.

Remedies doctors provide volunteers

The struggle continues

While the staff await the end of the month and hope for the allocation of funds from NCSU, as promised by the chief physician. But if the situation does not change, promise to apply to the local authorities, and perhaps to the government.

“We wrote a letter to the local authorities, but not yet sent, waiting for the end APR, can still pay,” she says.

At the same time, the interviewee argues that the local Board received for March more financial aid for rehabilitation and the decision socially-household questions with which its members have bought thousands of prize. But the media is received only by those who are at the “top” to ordinary employees of the hospitals they have not yet arrived.

Unfortunately in our country the danger is not only the COVID19, but also the moral and material situation of workers and their safety in terms of contamination. As you can see, all three factors inspire great concern.

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