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The coronavirus could be the result of leakage from the laboratory.

British intelligence said the new version of the appearance COVID-19, writes Daily Mail (translation

According to the appearance of coronavirus could be caused by a leak from a Chinese lab. This does not exclude the basic version of the origin with contamination from the animal.

It is noted that in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which became the focus of the spread of the coronavirus, there are at least two laboratories, of which could leak. This Institute of Virology and Wuhan center for disease control. In the last experiments were conducted on animals in particular, and on bats.

American expert on Biosafety, Professor Richard Brait says he saw scientists from these laboratories studied viruses, not adhering to safety regulations.

“This requires a level of protection class “four”, and they used only the class “two”. It provides minimal protection from infection,” — said the expert.

The official authorities of the UK and China do not recognize the version of intelligence.

In February, Chinese scientists reported that the epidemic COVID-19 began much earlier than was recorded in November or early December 2019. In this case, the source was not the huanan market, as previously thought, but, once there, along with “patient zero”, the virus began to spread more actively.

Yet it was reported that an international group of researchers came to the conclusion that appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is a product of natural evolution, not created in the laboratory by the pathogen.