Monday, March 4, it became known of death of the soloist of the British group The Prodigy’s Keith flint. The body of 49-year-old musician found in his own home.

Flint was a member of the group since its formation in 1990-m to year, but as a singer proved to be only a few years later on the single of Firestarter. At the same time a musician has radically changed image, which along with his voice became recognizable all over the world. OBOZREVATEL remembered the three best music video The Prodigy with the participation of Keith flint.

Firestarter (1996)

Firestarter was released in March 1996 and became the first single by The Prodigy from their third Studio album The Fat of The Land. The video for the song was filmed that year by Director Walter stern, in an abandoned tunnel in the London underground. Crazy performance style of Keith flint, reinforced the black-and-white shots, caused a lot of controversy surrounding the show clip on TV. Some TV stations even refused to broadcast the video in a day “children’s” time.

Breathe (1996)

Hit Breathe, also included in the track listing disk The Fat Of The Land, became the 11th single by The Prodigy. In 1996, the same Walter stern has managed to create in the video is very appropriate atmosphere of paranoia and anxiety. In the video starred Keith flint and the second singer Maxim Reality (Keith Palmer) — both musicians remained the soloists of the group until the death of flint.

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Baby’s Got A Temper (2002)

Perhaps one of the most controversial and daring music videos for a single from the eponymous mini-album was shot in the Czech Republic. After the release of the video was never shown on TV, it came on a DVD edition of Baby’s Got A Temper. Notably, it starred all members of The Prodigy: Liam Howlett, Keith flint and Maxim Reality. The single scored heavy guitar sound, not very typical for the band, what was the cause of some disagreement between Holetta and flint, and the author.

As mentioned earlier OBOZREVATEL, shortly after the news of the death of Keith flint on the official website of The Prodigy in Instagram there were reports of Liam Howlett. According to provided information, flint killed himself.

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