The website “Today” has prepared for you the most beautiful holiday greetings

Mardi Gras in 2018. Photo: Getty

Maslenitsa is a traditional Slavic holiday celebrated during the week before lent. The first and last day of Maslenitsa is calculated relative to Easter in 2018, but rather for 56 days prior to its occurrence. A number of Mardi Gras in 2018 we wrote earlier. It was also reported the main ceremonies, traditions and taboos carnival-2018.

The website “Today” has prepared for you the most beautiful holiday greetings: best greeting cards, short messages in prose and verse.

Congratulations to the carnival in prose

Maslenitsa is a bright and warm holiday, which can work wonders! Let this day all the sorrows, all the troubles will always go out of your house, I wish your life was as warm, as sweet as today’s pancakes

Congratulations to the carnival! Enjoy the winter, under-baked pancakes with spring sun and good mood. Let life be cleansed, be filled with kindness, light, friendship, support, understanding and good feelings

Congratulations to the carnival and I sincerely wish that the heart said goodbye to cold, to delicious pancakes, butter, honey yeah jam wires Zimouski successful.

Congratulations to the carnival in the poetry and short sms

Have fun, enjoy yourself people,
In this holiday bright!
Carnival brings to us
New gift:
Mountain lace pancakes,
Foods pretty,
Shrove Tuesday be ready
Note worthy!

Let the carnival is friends with you,
Let this day bring you luck,
Let beautiful flowers
Your life a bouquet will be presented.

Carnival, dear!
Have fun, enjoy yourself,
Just me one
You do not forget

I wish carnival you –
For all the merits and
Let them be rewarded on this day,
Let it be to celebrate not laziness.

Let the carnival a wonderful day,
Favorite, gives only happiness,
Let life wonder,
Let not extinguished our passion