In China, the explosion damaged some houses and factory


In Eastern China on the highway, the Shenyang – Haikou car exploded, which was carrying the fuel tank. Reported by CCTV Asia Pacific on Twitter.

According to recent reports, killed at least 10 people, more than 117 injured. It was initially reported about 50 wounded.

Death toll rises to 10, 117 injuries and some others still missing

* 20 * 30 * 10 * 117 *

— CCTV Asia Pacific (@CCTVAsiaPacific) June 13, 2020

The fuel truck exploded after colliding with the front facing the car. As a result of explosion some cars flew off to the side for a few meters.




— * (@Onebtcer) June 13, 2020

On one of the videos showing the moment when a massive piece after the explosion flies over the highway and low-rise buildings.

#Breaking: An oil tanker exploded close to the exit of a highway in Wenling, E.#China’s #Zhejiang Province and the explosion affected surrounding houses and vehicles, causing casualities: report

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) June 13, 2020

It is noted that the explosion damaged some nearby houses and factory building, fire engulfed several vehicles on the highway.


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According to the publication Soundofhope, the most affected village, Liangshan, nearly all the window glass which was broken, and many houses were destroyed.