In social networks the guy described the murder of his girlfriend, his thoughts about what happened and the reasons why he decided to act

Artem Iskhakov. Photos from the personal page in social networks

From January 23 to in social networks and Russian media are actively discussing a student of Moscow state technical University Artem Iskhakov, who published the suicide note in “Vkontakte”. In it he described the murder of his girlfriend, Tatiana the Insurance, their reflections on what happened and the reasons why he decided to act. A few hours after that, he together with girlfriend were found dead.

According to media reports, Iskhakov together with Insurance rented an apartment in the center of Moscow. At night on January 22, she returned home and went to my room, when the student attacked her. According to preliminary data, he beat and strangled the girl and later struck with a knife. Then repeatedly raped. In his post he claims that he first thought about the attack on the girl was born a few weeks before the tragedy.


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After describing the incident, the student sent a letter to friends, attending psychologist, the parents and the parents Insurance. He admitted that he was drunk but did not drink it before or after the attack. And described what was happening with the girl’s body while she was dying, and my impressions. “People are remarkably tenacious,” said a student.

The note Iskhakov also said that in recent time the student was paying him little attention. Several times he paused to cook a meal or sleep. “The brain starts to generate thousands of reasons to live,” wrote a young man after the holidays.

Tatiana Strakhov. Photos from the personal page in “Vkontakte”

“Forgive me once again for everything, and no one should blame yourself and think that you overlooked, or something, no one would have thought, I’m sure I could have done this”, — said Iskhakov. After this he wrote the address of her apartment and passwords from their devices and laptop Insurance.

Dead bodies found emergency services. They caused a friend of Iskhakova, when not able to get into the apartment. The investigative Committee opened a murder case and started investigation. According to preliminary data, Iskhakov committed suicide.

It is reported that. was in his third year at the faculty of Informatics and control systems, he was 19 years old. A fellow student student said “the Medusa”, earlier. well-studied studied programming in Java, but last year was drinking, drugs and skipping classes. Another source reported that shortly before his death a student went to a therapist.

Tatiana Strakhov. Photos from the personal page in “Vkontakte”

Strakhov studied at the Higher school of Economics. As stated by a mutual friend of the students, the last two years they met again and parted. About a year ago, friends together rented an apartment, but have never met. According to the note to the student, he was jealous of ex-girlfriend to their common friend, and the last time I was constantly fighting with his girlfriend because of this. She, as he claims, didn’t pay much attention to it.