Photo: AFP Tony Bellew

The Briton wants to retire before the end of the year.

British boxer Tony Bellew has said he does not want to fight in the next year and his battle with the Mustache have to take place before the end of this year.

“We have already made good progress in organization of the match. Left to sort a few things out and write them down on paper. For my part, no serious requirements were not, because I am only interested in the title of absolute champion. I have achieved everything in this sport. Money, fame, world champion – I had everything I wanted. Now I want to get the right to call himself great.

The battle with the Mustache to be held this year. This is my last year in the sport. I don’t want to fight in 2019, all to be completed in this. I had to retire from Boxing in March”,- quotes Bellew SkySports.

Earlier it was reported that the fight may be postponed until the spring of 2019.

Recall that Bellew has announced that it will be his last fight in his career.

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