Russian journalist, one of the leading program “the View,” Dmitry Zakharov said his version of who was behind the murder of the General Director of ORT Vladislav Listyev. Zakharov’s statement has sounded in the program “Met — talked” on MixTV.

According to Zakharov, the reason was the moratorium, which was at that time imposed by TV guide for all types of advertising. Then, according to Zakharova, and began threatening phone calls Listeva demanding the moratorium to be cancelled.

“When it became clear that the budgets of the mass media, particularly television, are formed from advertising, appeared a lot of wishing, intermediaries earn on advertising. And he who stood behind Vlad, decides that “the First channel” introduces a moratorium on advertising by third-party organizations that direct placement will do himself the “First channel” . From logically evaluated, who sustained heavy damage,” — said Zakharov, noting that the average annual budget for the channel at the time was “a quarter of a billion dollars.”

“Accordingly, when he imposed a moratorium, began to call Vlad and threats from some anonymous characters with the requirement that moratorium to be cancelled. To cancel it, of course, could not, because the decision was made not to them,” said Zakharov. The main mistake Listyev, according to him, was that he did not complain to the FSB and the Prosecutor General’s office and are not required to secure protection.

“Percent with this quarter of a billion was lost we all know the man now dead, who was found not hanged, not hung up in London,” said Zakharov, adding that “it was obvious even to investigate there was nothing.” In his opinion, the murder went to the customer with it, because Berezovsky, according to Zakharov, was a friend of Tatyana Dyachenko, the daughter of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin.

Vladislav Listyev was shot dead in his house on March 1, 1995. The murder still remains unsolved.