How to make a the summer child is bright, unforgettable, diverse and productive knows production center Babyphotostars.

In that time, both parents are busy working, the children are left to themselves.

What will be the leisure of the child occurred in the summer depends on the parents.

Children’s production center Babyphotostars declares a set of children for shooting photo and video advertising.



Babyphotostars is the center of creative development of children. Regular participation in photo, video, TV projects, Fashion shows. Meetings and open workshops with opinion leaders from various fields. Combines photo and video projects with the participation of media persons. Teaching acting and modeling. Participation in projects of international companies and projects in Europe.

Team Babyphotostars – a creative workshop. The best photographers, psychologists, teachers. Personal Manager will lead the child throughout the time spent in the center.

Individual team approach allows the child to maximize the brink of their abilities.



The capabilities of each child is unlimited, it is important to guide, help and support on his way to a successful future.

Online form to pass the casting at the producer center Babyphotostars



Babyphotostars: From chomu the warrant uspshnomu the future?


Yak to do summer for detini akravim, nezabutniy, rsement productionin I know produsersky center Babyphotostars.

At that hour, Yak farther zinat work children nadan Sami sobi.

Yakima bude leisure of ditini vltk saleit tilki od batkiv.

Children’s world the center produsersky Babyphotostars ogologo NaBr kids for ziomek photo I video reklam.

Babyphotostars – TSE center tvortsovo development of kids. Regular participation in photo, video, TV shows, Fashion shows. Sustrs I otkrit Meister-clasie z lderili of Dumka z resonantly spheres diyalnosti. Spln photos the I video design for uchastju Medina persons. Navchannya aktorska Masterhost and modeling. The fate of the projects mineralnih companies first projects in Clubbing.

Team Babyphotostars – tvorcha workshop. Better photos, psychologists, vikladach. Osobisty Manager Veda ditinu push stroke osogo hour perebuvannya in the center.

Ndili pdhd team dozvola ditin maximum raskryty Gran their seta.

Features coino of ditini Bezmein, it is important to napraviti, dopomogty I patronati Yogo on the way to uspshnomu the future.

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