In recent years, the Ukrainian market of juices is actively changing. This transformation is attributable primarily to the trend of today’s healthy lifestyle.

Ukrainians pay more attention to the quality of products, their composition and benefits for the body.

Speaking of the juice market, experts note that last year the share of 100% juices increased significantly and that this trend is increasing.

Given the request from the consumers and caring about the millions of Ukrainian families, the brand of Our juice, in the spring of 2020, has produced the widest range of 100% juices at an affordable price point. In General, there are four flavors: Apple, pear-Apple, vegetable, and tomato.

“Usually, 100% juices 25-30% more expensive than the mass market segment of juices, we decided to change this segment, – said marketing Director of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Roman Lisnyak. – In fact, we have created a product that will be available to a wider audience. Range of Our 100% juices consists of two fruit flavors, which there is no added sugar, and two vegetable. This line will be a perfect addition to a healthy nutrition of children and adults and ideal for people who manage the budget. Because the cost of the juice stores will be around 24 USD per liter”.

Our Juice is not only one of the leaders of the juice market in Ukraine, but also the brand, which was established in accordance with national values and traditions. Its quality is determined by years of experience and reputation of the Odessa plant of baby food. So Our Juice is the perfect blend of classic formulas, high quality standards and innovative production technologies. This is confirmed by the slogan of the brand – Good for kids, good for everyone.

Juices are produced mainly from local tropical fruits and vegetables, so a large part of the line is the juices from fresh fruit and not from concentrate. Thick, rich juice and become the “hallmark” of the brand and loved by millions of people.


Reference: the Company “Vitmark-Ukraine” was established in 1994 on the basis of the Odessa plant of baby food. The company is a leader in the Ukrainian market in terms of sales in the category fruit and vegetable juices and purees for baby food and one of the leaders in the category of juices and nectars. The product portfolio of “Vitmark-Ukraine” is focused on modern healthy eating and includes the popular brands Jaffa, “Nash SOK” ozdp, “Chudo-Chado”, Aquarte, Nestea Milk and Vega. The company exports its products to more than 25 countries. Quality and safety is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.



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“Usually, 100% juices by 25-30% dorogon, than masovi segment of the juice rinku, mi versile Smythe podne segmentina, – respown Director s marketing Compan “VMmark-Ukraine” Roman Lisnyak. – Technically we have a target product, yaky bude to dostupnim for Siroco auditor. Lnike Our 100% socw skladatelja s dvoh of Fruktovy smaku have skladi yakih no doganovo of cukru, the two of Bacevich. I lnica the camp which dopovnennya to healthy harchuvannya kids that doroslih dealno Pudge for people that razvalina vykorystovuyutsia budget. After vartist juice from stores skladatele of about 24 UAH in one ltr”.

Our SC – not only one of lderv rinku socw in Ukraine, but the brand, that CCB in Ukrainian cnota respectively to the traditions of harchuvannya. Yogo quality vinacasa bagatini DOSUGA reputaci odeskogo plant dityachogo harchuvannya. Our identity SK – TSE dealine pognana klasicnih recipes, high quality standarts innovating technologies virobnictva. Patberg TSE I went out to the brand – Good for kids, good for vsih.

Vigotovlennya product perevazhno s lokalnih pudenda fruit that ovacv wlasna pererobki, that blsa part lnici – TSE zi swig fruit juice and not concentrate. Gust, nasicon juices s m akoto steel “waitnow the rink” brand Our SK I admire millionam ukraïntsiv.

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Dodoo: Company “VMmark-Ukraine” target in 1994 year on bus odeskogo plant dityachogo harchuvannya. Company je ldera on ukrainskomu rinku for volume prodaju have categor fruit of Bacevich socw I puree for dityachogo harchuvannya th one s lderv have categor socw I nectar. Produktoviy portfolio “VMmark-Ukraine” tori on sucasne healthier harchuvannya I vkluchi popular Torgov brand Jaffa, “Our SC” ACSDH, “Chudo-Chado”, Aquarte, the Vega Nestea Milk. The company exporto its products in more than 25 countries. Quality I BEZPEKA products certifcate for ISO 9001 the ISO 22000.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine