At this speed you can download more than 1000 high definition movies in less than a second.

A team of scientists from Manassero, Swinarski and Royal Melbourne universities were able to achieve data transmission speeds at the level of 44.2 Terabits per second, says

At this speed users can download more than thousands of high definition movies in less than a second. According to Ofcom, the average Internet speed in the UK is 64 Megabits per second. And it is a trifle in comparison with a new record. Australia sits in the middle of the ranking of Internet speed in the world. And is it slow – fairly common source of complaints from users.

Scientists say that could reach a record speed with the help of the device, which was replaced around 80 lasers in telecommunication equipment. This device is called “micro-combs”. It was installed and tested outside the laboratory using a common infrastructure, similar to the one that uses Australian provider National Broadband Network. As a result, they received the highest amount of data that was able to transmit a single optical chip in modern fiber-optic broadband system. The Australian team hopes that their findings will provide an understanding of how Internet communication can become in the future.

This record speed of the Internet far exceeds the needs of consumers worldwide. But the expert of electrical and computer systems Meassage University bill Corcoran believes this would seriously help in the transformation of a wide range of industries, such as modern life continues to increase the pressure on network bandwidth.