Doctors advised US residents to use new contraceptives


Center for control and prevention of diseases of the USA has addressed to Americans with the request to stop re-use condoms.

The message published in the official Twitter of the organization. “We talk about it, because people do do it. Enough to wash and re-use condoms! Use a new one each time you have sex,” — said in the message.


  • New condom in the U.S.: the material consists of 90% water

In a tweet was also posted the link to the site where you can find all necessary information about the rules of condom use. Thus, the organization recalled that both male and female condoms can protect against sexually transmitted infections and HIV and viruses of Ebola and Zeke.

Some people do use means of contraception repeatedly: according to several studies, doing this from 1.4 to 3.3 percent of people.

We will remind, native received a sex toy is the nipple of the baby refused it.

Also read, how to choose the proper means of contraception.

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