Muzhdabaev He’s not a “doorknocker”, he thoughtfully and deliberately

Photo: Muzhdabaev / Facebook

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik – separatist. About this Facebook said the journalist, Deputy Director of the ATR channel the muzhdabaev, referring to the fans of the athlete.

“Your idol Mustache loves the Kremlin’s anti-Ukrainian Troll [Anatoly] Sharia. This is absolutely the enemy of Ukraine, watching it only the enemies of Ukraine, nobody else. Your idol Mustache supports the procession of the Moscow priests. It is a pure separable, without impurities. And he’s not a “doorknocker”, he thoughtfully and deliberately” – he wrote.

The journalist called the boxer “a promoter of peace on complementary feeding in the form of belts and premium.”

“Peace” on terms of surrender. He accidentally boxed in Moscow and hugged the Russian. If you care about him as a “Ukrainian patriot”, then you are the same “patriots”, you’re all clear. Or are you so stupid that you just have nothing to talk about. Pro-Russian Mustache with a Ukrainian flag in his hands that leads you fools around his finger,” said Muzhdabaev.

At a press conference in Kiev on 1 August, the Mustache called Sharia “handsome”, which is “rasstegivat them.”

The boxer also spoke negatively about the possibility of granting him the title of Hero of Ukraine, saying that they handed out “to anybody.”