The man lost limbs and nose due to the dog

In the male got a dangerous bacterium, which led to blood poisoning and gangrene of the limbs.

48-year-old Greg Manteuffel was in the hospital with the flu. After some time the doctors did a blood test and found there is a bacterium that is transmitted with the saliva of dogs.

Bacteria of the genus Capnocytophaga led to the partial amputation of all extremities men. It is reported by CBS Chicago.

Manteuffel had a lifetime dealing with dogs. Close contact of the infected dog has provoked a blood infection in men. Although people with strong immune systems, this bacterium is not dangerous. The crocodile was almost severed arm trainer.

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According to his wife, his body was covered with bruises. Doctors explain that the bacterium critically worsened blood pressure and poor blood supply to the limbs has led to the development of gangrene.

As a result, the Manteuffel lost my hands to mid forearm, leg to leg and part of the nose. Was also affected other organs.

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