The system is based on a glove with sensors.

Engineers from mit have developed a “platform for interaction with dreams” — a system of devices that monitors the state of a person during sleep, and “sets the theme” dreams. About it reports the magazine “the Knife” with a link to The Next Web.

The system is based on a glove with sensors, which monitors muscles, heart rate and other user settings. As soon as the sensors detect that the person entered the state of hypnagogia (between wakefulness and sleep), the glove transmits a signal to the module which includes the recorded audio signal. If the man in this moment they hear the word “tiger” is an animal and he will dream.

The success of the technology says a test conducted on 50 volunteers. The volunteers had actually seen what was said, before falling asleep.

In parallel, the team develops a system in which a trigger is not sound, and smell: for example, people suffering from regular nightmares, it is recommended to spray through the diffuser lavender aroma. You will also be able to use a smell associated in humans with a specific memory. In addition, the application of this method will help to reduce the possibility to awaken the user.