Sumi on April 22 has become twice a grandmother

Photo: Olga Sumska / Facebook

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska shared with subscribers in Facebook a photo from the family archive, which depicts the eldest daughter Antonina Papernaya. According to Sumy, the picture was taken in 2012.

“Eight years ago. Now Antonina is already a mother of two children,” signed archival photos Sumi.

8 років тому,разом з Антонина Паперная (Antonina Papernaya),тепер вже мама двох чарівних діточок❤️❤️!

Posted by Ольга Сумська on Sunday, May 3, 2020

Antonina papernaya, the eldest daughter of Olga Sumskaya. On the second pregnancy Papernaya became known in January 2020. She is married to Russian actor Vladimir Agrichem. The couple has a daughter Eva who was born in 2017. 22 April 2020 Sumi became a grandmother for the second time.