Our poker players continues in Monaco to win – Horshenin earned €259,000 and Mr Drokin and Vasily Zabrodsky in tournaments no limit hold’em received €1,210 and €910, respectively.

On Saturday in Monaco ended in a prestigious championship – stage of the European poker tour. We’ve previously reported on how Ukrainian poker players scored in the first half of the tournament, and now it’s time to see how filled up the piggy Bank prize in the final event.

The most anticipated tournament was a competition of poker “heavyweights” – the high roller event with a participation cost of €25,000. This tournament was able to collect 91 participants, and the prize Fund amounted to €2,828,035. The money was divided between the 17th best among which were Ukrainian Alexei Horoshavin.

Player rarely pleases us with performances in major tournaments, but if involved anywhere, definitely returned home with a large sum. It happened at this time, Alex took 4th place and won €259,000. In the formation of the final table it was immediately clear that the fight for the podium will be very difficult, as 7 of the 8 players had a great experience, which brought them millions of dollars. The only one for whom getting to the finals has been more of a surprise was Dutchman Wouter Boomers, who earned €94,500 in 8 th place. Despite the fact that he flew first, this result is almost 1.5 times higher than his previous achievements.

Got to the final of such a recognized authority in the world of poker, as Steven Chidwick (UK), Bryn Kenney (USA) and Thomas Mulekar (Austria). However, each of them received €46,500 and €51,000. Much more successful was made by Ian Tsang (Taiwan), Julian Thomas (Germany) and Joao Vieira (Portugal). They settled on 7, 6 and 5 line of the rating of the tournament and earned €126,000, €164,535 €208,700, respectively.

Alex Horshenin fought hard for a place in the top three, but settled for fourth place. He beat the players from Kazakhstan, the UK and Lebanon, who immediately made a deal on the division of the remaining amount. The distribution depended on the number of chips remaining in each at the time. Final top 3 looks like this:

  • Albert Daher (Lebanon) –€595,386
  • Shyngys Satabaev (Kazakhstan) –€492,768
  • Mark Telcher (UK)–€416,846
  • More modest results in Monaco showed the Ukrainians Vladimir Drokin and Basil zabrodska. Both players were on the verge of getting into the prizes and in the end, managed to survive the wave of departures, receiving minimum payments. For Vladimir was a successful tournament for the €1,100 no limit hold’em – he earned €1,210 for 47th place, and Vasily became the 21st (€910) in the same discipline, but in a different tournament with a participation fee of €550.

    May is traditionally one of the most “hot” months for poker, as virtually all the major series want to hold their tournaments before the World series of poker. So soon we will know the results Mediterranean Poker Cup Cyprus, Italian series of poker in Slovenia, Swiss poker Championships and major poker festival in Barcelona. The most memorable results will soon appear in our articles, stay tuned.

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