The founder of the messenger said he would fight to the bitter end.

It is sometimes said that the Telegram was blocked in Russia, because “the law is the law.” However, Telegram is blocked in Russia, contrary to the main law of the country – the Constitution. Court decisions and laws that contradict the Constitution have no force. This means that the Telegram lock illegal.

If the FSB is limited to request information about the number of terrorists, the requirement would fit into the framework of the Constitution. However, we are talking about the universal transfer of encryption keys for subsequent uncontrolled access to communication unlimited number of individuals. A this is a direct violation of the 23rd article of the Constitution on the right of everyone to privacy of correspondence.

For this reason, the lawyers of “Agora” today appealed the decision of the Supreme court of Russia about the legality of the orders of the FSB. I hope the Russian authorities will refuse language of ultimatums unenforceable, which today is the dialogue with technology companies.

Regardless, we will continue to fight for the Telegram in Russia. The history of our ancestors teaches us to fight to the bitter end.

With Victory Day!

Pavel Durov