Photo: still from YouTube the Brazilian used the techniques of JIU-jitsu to punish the thief

Attempt to Rob the girl turned to the thief with the shame and prison. Young Brazilian girl four years of experience in JIU-jitsu.

In Brazil, the robber tried to grab the young girls phone. But he didn’t know that his “victim” engaged in JIU-jitsu. After a few minutes of assistance have already asked the robber. It is reported

Manaus in the Brazilian 22-year-old Sabrina Leith tried to Rob a young guy. He demanded the girl’s phone, but she steadily refused to give up their property.

The guy tried to intimidate the girl, but that didn’t work. Then the thief tried to escape, but to his surprise, Leith quickly caught up with him, threw him on the ground and used the painful hold.

It turned out that the girl is four years engaged in JIU-jitsu. She scared the would-be thief that might break his hand. He yelled and asked for help, but could not escape. The Brazilian kept it so for about 20 minutes until police arrived. Eyewitnesses filmed the incident on video.

Later Leith admitted that he used his knowledge of wrestling because he was sure – the man has no weapons. If her life is threatened, she wouldn’t do that.

Previously unlucky Ukrainian robber. In Kharkiv staged a vigilante justice on the thief, a man tied to a pole and hung up on him a sign saying “I am a thief.” Yesterday in Australia the thief hid from the police in the river with sharks. The man was lucky to avoid becoming “lunch” for predatory fishes, but on the shore he was met by police.

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