The appearance of the new supermodels fashion brand has caused heated discussion throughout the world. The star itself describes itself very critical.

A new model of the fashion house Chanel Molly Bair has caused an unprecedented furore in the network. Users and international media to discuss non-standard appearance of the girl trying to understand her “phenomenon”.

Molly Bair is a native of Pennsylvania. The girl has unusual appearance, which is not easy to combine with the “canons of beauty”.

The model itself speaks a very critical. In an interview, she noted that her appearance is “a mixture of alien, rat, demon, Goblin and gremlin”.

Bair also acknowledged that he could not think that a girl, “which spent most of childhood with monopoly, wearing glasses and a shirt with Yoda will appear in Vogue Italia”.

The supermodel has already appeared on the show Maison Margiela, Marc Jacobs and Fendi.

Many netizens called the appearance of the girl is ugly. Others point out that it has a personality and character that is more attractive than the “traditional concepts of beauty”.

Earlier it was reported that Madonna’s daughter was filmed without her underwear and the “extra” hair, that the girl criticized in the network. Also the Correspondent wrote that the designer took the grandmother to be advertised in the jacket on a naked body.

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