Photo: a frame from the video Sobchak broken nose, leg and unusual hairstyle

Ksenia Sobchak appeared in a new video of the singer with a broken body parts and strange hair. The clip also starred the singer Lolita and showwomen Catherine Barnabas.

Singer, host Svetlana Loboda has released a new video for the song Boom Boom. Track recorded with rapper Pharaoh. In the filming of the clip took part presenter, journalist, politician Ksenia Sobchak, which made a very unusual hairstyle.

Sobchak appeared with hair in the form of a female breast and a broken nose and leg.

The clip is marked 18 and lasts more than five minutes.

Creative producer of the clip was made by a showman, producer ,former kvnschik Alexander Gudkov.

The footage can be seen and other Russian stars. For example, the lolita Milyavskaya and Catherine Barnabas.

Ksenia Sobchak. A frame from the video

Celebrity played by women during the grotesque show estimates for men of the jury. Itself 37-year-old Loboda tried to video some of images appeared with clothespins on nipples.

“What is it? The Board of Directors of the savings Bank? Ball of Satan?”, “When the nurse asked aunt Amy to appear in the video and now you hope that nobody you know,” “I don’t know what’s harder to watch or to listen?” “The sad and grim Chernukha”, “Hoping that my head will burst, too, but, alas, have to live with it now,” “Why few people who understand the meaning of the video? You are so boring frame that is wider you can’t think…”, “the clip is heavy, but the meaning is clear, that for most men we just sex fun”, “I did not understand like me or not” – are the comments left by users on YouTube.

Recall that the Quinoa in the savory form walked down the street in Greece.

It was also reported that Sobchak and Glucose was photographed Topless.

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