Volunteer Yarina Chernoguz met with people’s Deputy of Ukraine from party “servant of the people” by Eugene Braheem, who wrote on her and her friend a statement to the police.

This woman reported on page in Facebook, saying that the Ukrainian radio I had to persuade her for this broadcast, but she agreed.

“When it filed for a statement to netpolicy, said: “yasmin, my condolences to you for the loss of a loved one,” I didn’t say on the air, he can shove them up his f*n, and thinking that it is better to break him a glass of water on the **scarlet or just spit in the face,” wrote Chernoguz.

Novosti “the Servant of the people” rebelled against Bragar: it was justified for the “dog” scandal

Eugene Bragar and Yarina Chernoguz


“Cost of all that lead he was handed excerpts from laws… still protected the rear, right?” – she added.


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  • Yarina Chernoguz complained that the bus driver Busfor during a trip from Lutsk to Kiev refused to turn off the Russian TV series. While the rest of the passengers stream not confused.

  • Chernoguz was returning from the funeral of her boyfriend, soldier APU Nicholas Sorochka, who was killed by terrorists in the Donbas.

  • The girl together with the friend, also a volunteer, demanded that they immediately dropped out of the bus right among the slopes. To the nearest settlement, they refused. As a result, the driver let them out.

  • In the company-carrier Winew said he was unpleasantly struck by the behavior of their drivers and asked to apologize to the volunteers. As a result of the drivers fired.

  • Bragar threatened to apply for volunteers, whom he described as a nationalist, discriminatory of others.

  • He soon published a photo under the station and reported that he wrote the statement. Social networks act policy criticized.

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