This was influenced by the development of smart city technology.

In 2019 Kiev took the 92 th place in the rating of most technologically advanced cities in the world. The results showed a General study of the Observatory Smart City of the world competitiveness Center of IMD and the Singapore University of technology and design, writes

Place in the hundred of the best Ukrainian capital has secured less than five years after beginning to develop smart city technology, said the Director of the Department of information and communication technologies KGGA Yury Nazarov.

“For four years Kiev from scratch has created the necessary IT infrastructure and the first in Ukraine launched a series of electronic services for citizens. We have laid more than 1,200 km fibre-optic network, has computerizable social facilities and installed more than 7,000 video surveillance cameras. With the help of modern technology we are improving the security, transport and services in the city. Innovation help government to operate more efficiently and transparently and provide a tool to influence Kiev residents on its development”, — commented Yuriy Nazarov.

Just in Kiev there are more than 40 smart city projects in the areas of transparency of activities of government, e-democracy, security, utilities and transport. For the first time in Ukraine in 2019 that Kiev has launched an app Kyiv Smart City — the concept of “city in a smartphone”. A mobile application developed by the IT-experts of the Department of information and communication technologies with the aim to combine all city services in one platform and make them available to use with your smartphone.

Thanks to the development of e-direction in the activities of the government implemented electronic document management, which provided rapid communication between the departments and enterprises of Kyiv city state administration and saved tons of paper for printing documents. In the field of e-democracy in Kiev the first in Ukraine took the Public budget, through which the winners were more than 1,300 development projects in the city. Thanks to innovative technologies in the direction of safety, Kiev was among the 50 cities most covered by CCTV cameras. Video surveillance has helped guards to reduce the level of crime in areas where cameras are installed. If in 2016 committed averaged 17 robberies per day, in 2019 — 5.

Housing and communal services of the city also is using smart city tools: Kiev pay utility bills online and can track the work of public equipment in real-time. The greatest impact of e-technologies feels the public transport system. More than 1,300 buses, trolleybuses and trams equipped with GPS trackers to monitor their movement. Daily Kiev is about 300 000 times using an electronic ticket, so no queues and cash to use any form of public transport.

“In 2020, the capital will continue to develop the smart city. Kiev applies the possibilities of Big data, artificial intelligence and Blockhain technology to create a comfortable urban environment. Also among our priorities is the improvement of the town in the smartphone. App Kyiv Smart City will include new sections and services: e-democracy, medicine, 1551, Sadie children, Pets etc.”, — said Yuri Nazarov.