Journalist Pavel Kazarin stated that, in his opinion, President Vladimir Zelensky has a vague idea about the rules of diplomacy, economic laws and characteristics of public administration.

As he wrote in the article that the President here is a vacuum, and the future of Ukraine depends largely on who will fill that void.

“I willingly admit that the sixth President of Ukraine there is a vacuum of understanding of the processes. Most likely, it underestimates the potential of aggression and the scale of the challenges. Most likely, he is overestimating the chance of a compromise with Moscow and their own capabilities”, – the journalist wrote.

“Surrounded by Zelensky today were very different people. The process of forming his team was like a whirlpool that sucked in the presidential orbit as reformers and their opponents. As the supporters of sovereignty and surrenders. As marketeers, and lobbyists of the financial-industrial groups. Between these camps now there is a war for access to the body. The echoes of which we from time to time observed,” – said Kazarin.

According to him, today the main task for Ukraine is simply to survive Zelensky.

“Moreover, it should be done with minimal losses. Earlier, the country experienced five presidents, and it is hoped that you will be able to survive the sixth. Moreover, even the incident of defeat can take the next 4 years of the victory”, – said in the article.

He added that nine months ago, the passengers handed over the helm to a person who was not ready.

“His team is heterogeneous: someone wants to send a ship to the reefs, some to bring to a destination, someone, squeeze yourself a couple of decks. But I find it difficult to understand those who with a sarcastic smile waiting for the worst-case scenario. “I told you so” sounds ridiculous coming from a man hanging out in the open sea in a life raft. Other ship we have. We are all connected by a common fate. And because failure is not an option (failure is not an option – Ed.)”, – wrote Kazarin.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote previously Kazarin stated that while Russian President Vladimir Putin is on his job, Ukraine will be difficult to conduct successful negotiations on the Donbass and to rewrite the Minsk agreement.

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