The Ukrainians traded pizza and sushi to burgers. Service delivery Raketa called the most popular dishes that are ordered during the period of quarantine.

The three most popular dishes, delivery of which Ukrainians ordered from restaurants as follows:

1. the Burger is 11.6%:
2. bucket — 5,2%;
3. potatoes and 4.8%.

These dishes are the undisputed leaders in orders in dining, evening and night time. It is noteworthy that most of the burgers you order at a late hour, from 21 to 23.

And only during Breakfast Ukrainians prefer croissants than potato dishes. While the leaders remain the same burgers and buckets.

By the way, the most popular dish from potato is fries. Also in the top are potatoes country-style potatoes and mashed potatoes.

If you have previously khinkali was more popular than dumplings and dumplings together, but now the trend has changed dramatically. During the quarantine, the Ukrainians prefer the traditional dumplings, khinkali left the top three in the category of pastry dishes.

In the category of meat dishes, there is no obvious leader on orders. Ukrainians almost with the same frequency order of hamburger and kebab. But steak has a lesser demand, and ranks third in the ranking.

The love of Ukrainian dishes can be seen by the number of orders the first recipes where the soup is in first place, displacing the broth and hash. While the bag is expelled out of the three leaders in the category.

As noted in the company Raketa, taste preferences of Ukrainians are not much different depending on the geographical location. So, in all the cities where delivery is available Raketa, a list of the top dishes looks almost identical. The only exceptions are the cities where there are no network outlets of the American fast food.

About the company
Raketa — Ukrainian service of the cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. The company delivered its first order on March 5, 2018. Today Raketa services available in 25 cities of Ukraine. In 2020, the service intends to cover 30 cities, and then begin connecting all Ukrainian cities with a population of over 200 thousand


A Burger for Breakfast, I OBD supper: statistics zamovlen I from Serva Raketa

Ukrainians pranali PSU I land on burgery. Service delivery Raketa calling daypopular meals, that was zambelli during the period of quarantine.

Trika naybilsh known bleed, delivery yakih Ukrainians were zambelli s restoranu, villada will nastepnym rank:
1. the Burger is 11.6%;
2. bucket – 5,2%;
3. potatoes and 4.8%.

TSI W jedlo je bezuprechnym lderly on zamovlennya in obani, evening Kiev I ncni hour. Primte scho nails burgers simulayt in psny hour – h 21 to 23.

The I tilki pid hour sedanca Ukrainians vdate Periago croisant, than to bleed s potato. Wherein lderly salecause ti W burgeri I bacati.

By the way, najpopularniji dish W / potato potatoes FR. Also in top purebeauty potatoes in selenski I puree.

If as hnkel kristobalis a Cup of COF more than the dumplings I pelmen time usat, it is a trend dramatically smylsya. Pid hour quarantine Ukrainians vdali his Periago tradicinis dumplings, and hincal left trico lderv in categor brosnana bleed.

Have categor m’yasnyh bleed vdate Avni lder on zamovlennya. Ukrainians mayzhe s same frequency I simulayt chicken kebab. And the axis steak koristus mensim a Cup of COF I Sigma Tret the meeting place in the rating.

Love to Ukrainian bleed possible prosterity I for clcct zamovlen Perche bleed, de soup znahodytsya on the pershoho f, Wisniewski broth I hodgepodge. Then Yak stew I showsm vitsan s of tricky lders in categor.

Yak vjnet in compan Raketa, Smakov of perevahy ukraïntsiv not much varanytsia whichever geograf from the residence. So, vsih mstah, de available shipping Raketa, a list of topovyh bleed wyglada practical dentine. Vonatok to stanovlenii lachey Mista, in yakih no marazevich zakladu of American fast food.

About the company
Raketa – Ukrainian service delivery s cafe, restoran I supermarkets. The company has delivered his first zamovlennya 5 March 2018 rock. On ciogodnichnyu day hotel Raketa can christinia 25 mstah Ukraine. Have 2020 year service has got Namir of pakriti 30 mist, after chogo pocketsa connecting vsih of Ukrainian mist s naseleniem 200 tis.

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