Suprun Ukraine demonstrates to everyone that the facts are real

Photo: Ministerstva receptionists health protection of Ukraine / Facebook

Russia is telling the world the truth, arguing that Ukraine is not a European country. This statement by the acting Minister of health Suprun made at a session of the steering body of the world health organization (who) – world health Assembly, the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of health.

“With active measures using a “digital iron curtain” the Kremlin is trying to convince politicians worldwide that there is nothing real that we can’t hope for yourself that there is no evidence that Ukraine is a European country – and this is not true. Remember Russia lies on an industrial scale”, – said the head of Ministry of health.

According to her, Ukraine “transformerait health system, brings your army into compliance with NATO standards and prevent a new world war”.

“Ukraine demonstrates to everyone that the facts are real, that liberal democracy legitimitize leadership that we can rely on their own strength to build a better future and a strong country,” said Suprun.