On the island of Fernando de Noronha came to light first in 12 years kid

Illustration: pixabay.com

In Brazil on the island of Fernando de Noronha, where the law prohibits labor, came to light first in 12 years baby. However, his mother did not know about her pregnancy.

As writes local portal O Globo, the child was born may 19, 2018. His 22-year-old mother admitted to reporters that he was “dumbfounded” in connection with the incident, as she held the pregnancy test gave a negative result.


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“Friday night I felt sick to the stomach I went into the bathroom and saw something coming down between my legs,” she confessed.

The young mother called her boyfriend, who helped her cut the cord. The child was taken to a nearby hospital. Details about his condition are not specified.

The island of Fernando de Noronha, located 350 kilometers from the mainland. Its population is about three thousand people, and there are no maternity hospitals. In this regard, according to the law, pregnant women are supposed to go to the mainland.