In their more than 700 pieces.

Scientists from the University of California has created a catalogue of Exotica that lists all types of celestial objects known to date. The database prepared by the project Breakthrough Listen — he has 10 years looking for signs of extraterrestrial and intelligent life in the Universe, writes, “the Knife”.

In more than 700 pieces from asteroids, comets and planets to galaxies and nebulae. There are even a few clusters. The goal of the creators is to expand the search area for the aliens.

Using the catalogue, researchers want to move away from the traditional methods of finding intelligent civilizations, which is to try to recognize in the space familiar to the people signals (e.g. radio signals). You need to look for signals, and the traces of alien technology, believe the researchers.

The list included also the objects created by the people: the Voyager spacecraft, satellites and a red Tesla Roadster.