Russia is not profitable to attack Kiev even after the construction of the “Nord stream-2”. Rather, it will be a tool for economic and informational pressure on Ukraine.

This opinion in comments OBOZREVATEL was expressed by the analyst on foreign policy Evgeny Yaroshenko, noting that despite all the military potential of the Russian Federation, to occupy the whole territory of Ukraine will not be profitable.

“For Russia it’s much more efficient to use economic, informational and other means of pressure, and thus from the inside to weaken the independence of Ukraine, to undermine the confidence of citizens to state authorities. And “Nord stream-2″ can be one such tool, because Ukraine actually loses the status of a transit country. This means that Russia will now have much less to reckon with Ukraine, when gas talks with Brussels,” explains international Affairs.

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In his opinion, this could be a blow for our country, but not catastrophic, if the political will of our government and the EU.

“It is important that the EU, including Germany, despite the support of the “Nord stream-2″, at the same time tried to keep the transit potential of Ukraine. Trying to increase the reverse flows that now exist. Ukraine needs to persuade European partners to build new pipelines that will pass through the territory of Ukraine is the potential pipelines that will be transporting, for example, Caspian gas under the Black sea to Romania. Through Ukraine to the countries of the Baltic region,” – said Yaroshenko.

As previously reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Kremlin reacted to the statement of the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who warned that Russia could launch an offensive in the Ukraine after the implementation of the project “Northern stream-2”. His remarks were described as unsuccessful innuendo and an attempt to impose on Europe, us gas.

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