The most popular countries for the study of social Sciences was Cyprus


Foreign students who come to study in European universities, most often studying social Sciences. 36% of foreign students choose sociology, journalism, business, management or law.

Next in popularity are engineering, construction and professions in the field of industry (17%). In third place culture and Humanities (14%).

The most popular countries for the study of social Sciences began Cyprus (where 74% of foreign students studying their), Luxembourg (56%) and Estonia (53%).

According to the latest data from the European statistical Agency Eurostat, the EU learns more than 1.6 million foreign students. Almost half are studying for undergraduate, 41% graduate, 10% of foreign students in the EU write thesis PhD, and the remaining 3% are held on a short-term internship.

Previously we wrote how students learn in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an interesting and rich country, professing Islam. It is from the point of view of Europeans, quite a specific education system. The teaching is based on strict rules of conduct that brooked no compromise and discussion but at the same time, government invested large sums of money, which freed parents from school is a hassle. System praise “their” citizens and not quite pleased with her “alien”. Foreign students willing to learn in a rich country and it is with the utmost rigor, but takes their welcome. The technical colleges are going to even learn the modern Arabian women — although they are not yet ready to take rukovodioca posts to not be left out of society, and not “to die alone, like all the careerists”.